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Wartune 2013 hack

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Three unique classes Knight Archer and Mage.Mages as Masters of Magic Mages can summon powerful spells to both attack enemies and heal allies.Knights within their iron-clad armor are effective at wielding two-handed weapons to stun forces and slice enemies in twain Knights may also raise a mighty shield to safeguard their friends.Archers using their speed and stealth are known for his or her utilization of ranged attacks and sniper abilities. Coupled with specialized attack methods the Archer is a force to get reckoned with Astral System In addition in your skills and stats Wartune features an innovative Astral System where you can collect and synthesize stars in a large number of different combinations to present your character the unique edge it deserves.Quick Time Event (QTE) Combat System A classic problem with turn-by-turn combat inside past has been the not enough involvement with the player within the action. You just click and also the combat runs its self. With Wartune s QTE system you select your action but must put inside a random number of keys in a very short timeframe to present your attack an added boost You are directly involved inside the game combat for the whole battle Daily Adventures Wartune has over 20 daily quests and 20 Bounty quests you are able to do every single day to achieve gold experience and also other valuable loot With a lot to complete you won't be bored.PvP Battles Wartune features 2 types of PvP battles one-on-one battles and group arenas. You can either choose to battle opponents one-to-one or you and your mates or guild mates can battle other small groups within an open arena. May the very best player win
Thousand Person BOSS Battles there is a constant have to go it alone Every day various bosses spawn and everyone can join the battle to adopt them down But only the players who do the most damage get rewards.


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