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Free Download Mu Online mods pack 2013

Free Download Mu Online mods pack 2013

Mu Online is another old pay to play game gone absolve to play. It is but one from the oldest MMORPGs available as it turned out released in 2003 nevertheless it still includes a surprisingly large and loyal playerbase. The game s graphics and interface both look a great deal older classics like Diablo and Baldur s Gate. The game features a total of five classes but two ones must unlocked so the the overall game s three starting is Dark Wizard- Dark Wizards will be the primary offensive spell casting class in Mu Online. They are capable of dealing massive amounts of harm to both single and section of effect targets. The drawback for their powerful offensive skills are which they tend to own low hit points and weak defensive capabilities.
Dark Knight - Dark Knights are the primary warrior archetype in Mu Online. They have lots of hit points and defensive capabilities but their offensive capabilities are fairly weak during the early levels from the game.
Fairy Elf Elves in Mu Online really are a hybrid of the cleric and archer archetypes. They can cast supportive magic while being able to deal a fair quantity of damage with their bows from the distance.Magic Gladiator - These warriors combine spell and sword bringing both to deal with inside the defense of MU their arsenal includes abilities of the Dark Knight and the Dark Wizard classes.Dark Lord - Riding into battle on his steed he's a terrifying force that summons his Dark Raven and Dark Horse to accomplish his bidding.Summoner - By using special scrolls Summoners can summon mysterious monsters. Through their constant prayers and meditations Summoners can incapacitate enemies by compromising their weaknesses.Rage Fighter - The Rage Fighter can be a remnant and descendant of Kalutal roayal knight. They are specialized for charge attack based on the physical advantage and make use of special buffs learned from Kalutan royal knight.

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Free Download Mu Online mods pack 2013

Free Download Mu Online hack pack 2013
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Free Download Mu Online hack tool 2013